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Lyudmila russia dating

Savchuk : Usually as normal people, but sometimes they pose as members of the opposition.

You sit there and write things like: Yesterday I went for a walk and the idea came to me about how bad the situation is in Europe.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: What identities do the trolls assume?

But it is good money: 50,000 rubles a month, or about €800. Progoshin's wealth is also the product of lucrative government contracts.

But nobody knows exactly where the money comes from. Yevgeniy Prigoshin operates restaurants and a catering business in St. The Russian edition of Forbes reported in 2013 that Prigoshin had been awarded a €2 billion contract to provide prepared meals for schools and the army. The worse thing is that these young people are totally indifferent about what they are writing.

Now if someone would step forward today in the USA, the EU and the PRC then we could see how much each country/region eggs-on the others.. I think I came across a very aggressive troll on the forum of a website on the Munk Debates (in Canada) during which Anne [...]I am pretty sure that the use of trolls is extensive, although maybe they are not uniformly controlled.

I think I came across a very aggressive troll on the forum of a website on the Munk Debates (in Canada) during which Anne Applebaum and Gary Kasparov were debating against Victor Posner and an American academic.

As a concerned citizen, what upsets me is that there is no money in Russia for important social projects right now, but there is for this nonsense, for hundreds of trolls. Savchuk: I never saw the bosses, but there are suspicions. Our goal is for the judges to invite him so that he is finally forced to admit it. Putin himself attended the opening of Prigoshin's factory. I believe that the crime of extremism is actually being committed in the these troll factories. Savchuk : Because they are wishing for the deaths of Ukrainians and Americans. These people are writing one thing today, another thing tomorrow and perhaps the next morning they will put masks on in real life and go out on the street and kill someone.

It allegedly involves entrepreneur Yevgeniy Prigoshin. Prigoshin's name has popped up in various reports about Internet propagandists, including in the Russian daily Novaya Gazeta. SPIEGEL ONLINE: Who issues operative instructions to you? For us, they were written, via the intranet, and they were called "technical tasks." Those who were supposed to comment on media articles were given verbal communication about what they were supposed to write.

There is also information about a further, highly secretive building in St. They operate fake news portals that pretend to be Ukrainian news sites, with names like "Kharkiv News" or the "Federal News Agency." We had video bloggers.

Some made themselves look like members of the Russian opposition.

We want to show the world who is behind these troll factories.