Start Mobileme gallery not updating

Mobileme gallery not updating

Mobile Me has become a Swiss-army knife of online services, offering not only a whizzy “push” data-syncing service for tracking calendar, contact, bookmark, and note info on a variety of devices, but also email services, online storage and file sharing, a place to put your i Web site or share photos or videos, and more.

With Mobile Me gone and i Cloud use up, how can you learn about all the resources and tools that i Cloud offers?

Finding Help If you ever wanted to learn more about using i Cloud, from a browser, you can go to this link and read i Cloud Help information from Apple.

I have tried several apps/servers but most of them are either not user friendly or have limited functionality.

Air Pics ( is limited to stream i Photo and Aperture. Air Photo Server ( too much bugs in server app, just poorly written piece of code.

I would need something intelligent running server-side that can on-the-fly send over thumbnail-size and i Pad resolution images. I have found a pretty decent DLNA server for the Mac, but I've yet to come across a well-made DLNA client for i Pad.

I've tried so many, but they all seem more focused on video not photos.

I have a Mac Mini server hosting a few folders of photos.