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Leigh knew what he was doing, just as Michelangelo Antonioni did when he turned Chelsea into Charlton in 1966’s Blowup.

Curiously, there’s no blue plaque lionising Johnny – or Mike Leigh, for that matter. From Hackney, Johnny traipses on foot all the way into Soho.

An impressive feat considering he’s heaving a bag load of books and can’t afford a meal.

Today Lina Stores is alive and well, its tiles the same shade of green.

But you get the sense the grit and grime has been stripped somewhat from the surrounding area.

The guy soon gets sick of Johnny’s morbid musings on life and thumps him, taking off in his van with Johnny’s bag.

Defeated and disenchanted, with nowhere to go, Johnny collapses at the corner of Twyford Street.

The building behind him is the still-standing Cally Pool Gym, north-east of King’s Cross Station.