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Also worth noting is the fact that users no longer swipe to get dates.

When Whim launched two years ago, it was based on a straightforward idea: What if a dating app was focused on enabling real dates, rather than chatting?

Of course, plenty of actual dates happen as a result of Tinder and its imitators, but it can take a lot of awkward messaging to get there. Founder and CEO Eve Peters said the idea appealed to users, but there was one problem: Whim also asked you to identify the days in a given week when you’d be free for dates. “With our culture becoming more and more spontaneous, asking what nights are you free for dates this week …

If the person you've been seeing ghosts on you and then three months later casually texts you asking if you want to go see a movie, that's submarining.

It's basically as if they've been underwater and out of sight for weeks or months only to reemerge in your life, leaving you bewildered.

You’ll need to sign in by 6pm to get a date that night, which will hopefully discourage people who are just looking for a hookup.

In addition, users get penalized for flaking out, and they’re eventually removed if they keep doing it.

When someone ghosts, they simply exit a romantic prospect's life with no warning or explanation.