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At any rate, evidences for it are so extremely doubtful that it cannot be seriously regarded as historical.

It is in this latter sense that the term is applied in this article to all monasteries professing to observe St. Subiaco was his original foundation and the cradle of the institute. Gregory we learn that twelve other monasteries in the vicinity of Subiaco also owed their origin to him, and that when he was obliged to leave that neighbourhood he founded the celebrated Abbey of Monte Cassino, which eventually become the centre whence his Rule and institute spread. Placid's mission to Sicily in 534, which first gained general credence in the eleventh century, though accepted as genuine by such writers as Mabillon and Ruinart, is now generally admitted to be mere romance.

These fourteen are the only monasteries of which there is any reliable evidence of having been founded during St. Very little more can be said in favour of the supposed introduction of the Benedictine Rule into Gaul by St.

Even when the bishop was not himself a monk, he held the place of titular abbot, and the community formed his chapter.