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SO FAR, JUST GOSSIP When the tip came in, however, there was no immediate proof that Squires was on the take. And not everyone would have been optimistic about finding it.

Acting quickly to get at potential proof of the bribe payments, Greene had contacted Mark Koch, Marbi’s owner, to schedule what he described as a “normal” vendor review.

After Koch’s attorney advised him to honor the right-to-audit clause, he agreed to open his books for inspection.

Greene, CFE, saw that history had repeated itself – again.

“This case broke open in 2000, but I saw my first [kickback scheme] a long time before then, and I still see them now,” he said.

And, as he would discover, therein lay one side of the fraud triangle – motivation (or financial pressure) – for the corruption inside NSC.

The trouble began when NKK leaders slashed salaries and made other changes at NSC.

Squires, whose salary for years had been slightly more than $100,000, lived in a $700,000 home he had bought without a mortgage.

Strangely, the home was owned by a Missouri corporation in which Squires was the only shareholder.

So he took no chances; he called a trusted external specialist with the right credentials and experience.

CFE ON THE CASE Seconds after picking up the phone, Craig L.

Greene’s background checks on Squires and the vendor, Marbi Inc.