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Throughout the 1960s, Montgomery Ward sold a line of motorcycles branded “Riverside,” featuring Italian engines mostly under 125cc.

All these owners trying to place their bikes on display treat them like their babies, and they fear anything could go wrong, especially if there are early visitors in the hall.” “That's okay,” I said, and I muttered to myself, “Don’t be so anxious.

Just wait until tomorrow.” I returned to the parking lot where I found Mathias Schmitt.

The two of us helped unload motorcycles from vans and trailers, then we ended the day with a good supper in a restaurant just around the corner while discussing Sarolea motorcycles and speculating about what tomorrow’s exhibition might bring.

On the next morning, I was among the first visitors to get access to the hall, and I struggled to not stand with my mouth open in amazement as I marveled at all of the bikes on display.

It must have been a real powerhouse when you compare it to FN's 1903 model, which had a capacity of 188cc producing 1.6 hp.

Conventional in design, it featured IOE poppet valves, with the inlet valve controlled by atmospheric pressure—called a "sniffle-valve" in German terminology—and a cam-controlled exhaust valve.

Contributing to its high power is a comparatively modern updraft carburetor with an integrated butterfly valve.

This is a very sophisticated design compared to the surface evaporating carburetors so common in While Sarolea’s 1904 model line did not offer great changes in design, and only small improvements in detail, there was huge news for 1905: the first Sarolea big V-twin (pictured here).

In particular, (a) due to a focus on the narrow auction context, consumers under-search and, consequently, overpay for widely available commodities (CDs, DVDs) and (b) higher auction starting prices tend to lead to higher winning bids, particularly when comparable items are not available in the immediate context.

We discuss the implications of this research with respect to our understanding of the key determinants of consumer behavior in this increasingly important arena of purchase decisions.

He told me about a gathering of Saroleas in the Belgian , where the meeting would takes place.

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