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The city coat of arms as well as those of the various families of the Sorrento aristocracy are displayed in its interior.

The top floor has been structured as an old 18th century Sorrento villa, with loungeroom, bedroom, segreter, relax room, all like a still living scenario.

The museum also host pieces from national and international artist such us Portoghesi, Sawaya, Morandini, Alison, Mendini, D'Alisi, and from the own creator MR. MUSEO DELLA TARSIA LIGNEA - Palazzo Pomarici-Santomasi, San Nicola street, 28, Sorrento - tel.

Linked to the enchanting beauty of the place is the tradition whereby the name of Sorrento originates from the mythical mermaids whose soft singing tempted Ulysses and his crew in the Odyssey.

The exhibits, displayed on three floors of the villa, include paintings from the 17th to the 19th centuries and a wonderful collection of 18th-century Italian and European decorative china pieces.

Through to the splendidly furnished Alexander Room (for entertaining people without a title) and onto the Mars Room, which is even more sumptuous and magnificent.

Thence on to the Astraea Room (for diplomats), with its painting of the goddess of Justice, Astraea, the high-relief of the group of Heracles and the Provinces, followed by the largest room, the Throne Room, with its splendid floor, stuccowork, 46 medallions of the kings, furnishings, frescoes, and Throne.

The high position above the sea and the consequent absence of a true sea promenade create its extremely original nature.