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The former Leafs teammates are close friends and have stayed in touch.“I think he’s going to be great. Yes, Murray noted money is always a factor, but he wanted to make a hockey trade that would help the team.“First of all, it’s great to make a hockey trade. “We usually worry about everything else.“From our point of view, it’s a trade that will give us a little more security on the back end.

I hear people talk all the time that we’re dreadful in our own end and we haven’t been great, we’re getting better and we believe this will be a good addition in that process.“It’s about getting an experienced leader, a good person, hard-working, competitive guy to add to the mix in our top four.”It seems odd that the Senators made a deal with their arch-rival, though.

“I know we scrutinize people, especially in good markets or big markets, and guys that wear the ‘C’ on their sweater. Having to be the captain in a city like that, it’s a tough place to play and even tougher to be the guy that takes all the heat, so for us to get him, I think that solidified a really solid ‘D’ corps now and we’re excited to get him,” said Mac Arthur.“At the same time, it’s a sad day.

I’ve talked to enough people over the years to know (and) I’ve talked Clarke Mac Arthur enough to know.“I don’t think I’ve heard one thing other than he’s a real good person, competes (and) he wants to win. He’s been judged very toughly in the environment he’s in.”Mac Arthur, who skated Tuesday morning, said he planned to reach out to Phaneuf. I was really good buddies with (Michalek), he was a great teammate. So any of these big trades you always lose good people so it’s tough.”The Senators will save $1.4 million this season and another $4 million next year.

Murray did some homework on Phaneuf to make sure he’d be happy here before making the trade.

He spoke with Phaneuf before he boarded a plane from Calgary to Detroit and said he was happy.“I never had a doubt about Dion’s character,” Murray said.

Ottawa also acquired minor-league forwards Matt Frattin, Casey Bailey, Ryan Rupert and defence prospect Cody Donaghey.