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Purolator tracking number not updating

However, those makes include substantial numbers of trucks and commercial vans that Honda doesn’t offer. Unfortunately, major fleet vehicle remarketing company Manheim doesn’t provide data on sales to anyone but licensed auto dealers, so I wasn’t able to scan their listed inventory for Hondas.

As of this writing, Enterprise Car Sales lists for purchase.

The majority of these are Accords, with Civics not too far behind, and models from the entire rest of the range sprinkled in.

TTAC has a long tradition of digging deep into manufacturer sales data, frequently focusing on retail versus fleet sales.

It’s become commonly accepted that high fleet percentages are a sign of weakness in product lines, at least as far as retail consumer preference goes.

And although Honda has no corporate-level program for direct fleet sales, there are plenty Honda dealers who operate their own.

Lindsay Honda of Columbus with a website specifically dedicated to facilitating fleet purchases.

Corporate fleet sales are always difficult to estimate, but anyone who’s lived in Central Ohio as long as I have can tell you that Honda products are popular choices for local businesses.

The reliability and resale records of the Accord, Civic, and Odyssey no doubt attracts many operators looking to maximize their ROI.

Even so, a casual scan through the listings reveals a surprising number of totaled-out Accords and Civics that had titles held by rental car companies or otherwise appear to have been former rentals.

So clearly, a decent number of Honda products are winding up in America’s rental fleets.

There’s less evidence that regular-drivetrain Hondas make it into government fleets in any great quantity, although I have personally seen them used by some universities as service vehicles.