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Queued updating subscriptions

Because queued updating subscriptions allow modifications to the same data at multiple locations, there may be conflicts when data is synchronized at the Publisher.

By updating the publication with the GUID from the transaction, you have matching row versions in the publication and in the transaction.

If the old GUID stored in the transaction does not match the GUID in the publication, a conflict is detected.

EXEC sp_addlogreader_agent @job_login = @login, @job_password = @password, -- Explicitly specify the use of Windows Integrated Authentication (default) -- when connecting to the Publisher.

@publisher_security_mode = 1; -- Create a transactional publication that supports immediate updating, -- queued updating, and pull subscriptions.

The following conflicts can occur: When creating a publication and enabling queued updating, replication adds a uniqueidentifier column (msrepl_tran_version) with the default of newid() to the underlying table.

When published data is changed at either the Publisher or the Subscriber, the row receives a new globally unique identifier (GUID) to indicate that a new row version exists.

Enable updating subscriptions for transactional publications on the Publication Type page of the New Publication Wizard.