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Rabgi garls niud

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A9030(xv) Photographs and promotional material relating to production of What If You Died Tomorrow by David Williamson, 1986. 8 – 1 Sept 1986 to 6 Sept 1988 B17344 Minute Book No. 10 – to 27 Sept 1993 B17346 Minute Book Annual General Meetings – to 7 April 1991 FILES C2004 (i) Production of ‘A Rare Jewel’, a musical dramatization of “the last rehearsal and opening night for the gala opening concert of the refurbished Civic Theatre”, 1993.

A9030(xvi) Photographs and promotional material relating to production of A Happy and Holy Occasion by John O’Donoghue, 1986. C2004 (ii) Correspondence re Civic Theatre refurbishment, 1991 – 1993.

C2004 (xix) Actors’ resumes / curriculum vitae, 1996.

C2005 (i) Advertising, promotion, newsletters, 1986 – 1994.

C2004 (ix) Correspondence re potential involvement in the proposed Honeysuckle Performing Arts Complex, 1994.

C2004 (x) The New South Wales Regional Theatre Network, 1997.

A9030(iii) Photographs relating to production of Educating Rita, 1987.