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Radiocarbon dating how stuff works

of Pueblo development was reached during the Pueblo III period (1100-1300).

Plain pottery and gray with neck bands predominate; there is some black-on-white and decorated redware. Small blocks of above-ground masonry rooms and a kiva make up a typical pueblo.

Above-ground construction is generally of jacal or crude masonry. 900 - 1150 There are Great Houses, great kivas and roads in some areas.

Rather, many of these domesticated dogs were given the same funerary rights as their owners.

then, may be a species that was the result of natural selection.

His love for humanity was greater than his bond for other creatures, he explained, and he willingly Forfeited his place in paradise to prove it.

that lived on the fringes of human society scavenging scraps may be the ancestor of early dog breeds.

Wild dogs that were less cautious around people than others may have began to live near humans, and natural selection would gradually produce "proto-dogs" from these animals that did not fear humans and could live in close proximity to them.