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Random chat site for girls nudity okay

The award-winning Amazon series Transparent has made history by showing the first ever transgender full-frontal nude scene on television.

Billings' character Davina is shown lying face-down in bed getting a back massage from her boyfriend Sal, played by Ray Abruzzo, when he suddenly hits a nerve. I've made peace with what I look like.'The actress said she pushed Transparent creator Jill Soloway for the full-frontal nude scene before production started on season four, saying she was ready to show her body.

She screams out in pain before flipping over onto her back and exposing her breasts and penis.'I don't think it's ever been done before, where you see someone who's a trans body that was pre-op, especially of a certain age, who looks a certain way,' Billings told the Daily Beast.'I'm not built like a model. 'I asked for this specifically,' Billings said.'I've traveled through years of not only my HIV and also my silicone injections and all the things we go through in order to survive.

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She starred in the 2005 TV movie Romy and Michelle: In the Beginning.

She has also featured in episodes of Grey's Anatomy, Eli Stone and How to Get Away With Murder.

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