Start Recovering alcoholic trust dating

Recovering alcoholic trust dating

They support and encourage, and help the co-dependent spouse to stop the ways that he or she may have inadvertently been enabling the addicted person.

They drink way more than I ever do.” Such rationalizations also indicate a problem.

Most people with an alcohol problem will report that they know exactly how much they drink each night, although they usually low ball the number.

Sexual addictions can range from masturbation to pornographic magazines and videos, to infidelity and paying for sex.

It may even be as pathological as breaking into apartments and raping unsuspecting residents.

They may say, “It’s not even the hard stuff, it’s only wine or a couple of beers.” If your wife or husband complains about it, you write it off as just so much nagging.

If any of this is familiar, or if you or someone close to you thinks you have a problem with alcohol or drugs, most likely you do.

Substance abuse, which includes alcohol addiction, is a major problem in the United States, and it is a major source of marital breakups and family problems.