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Bernhard has been playing MONOPOLY for over 25 years.

His favorite part of playing MONOPOLY is negotiating with participants to obtain control of the best color group in the game, he loves to negotiate and trade.

Andrea has been playing MONOPOLY for more than 25 years, wielding a collection of over 100 different MONOPOLY boards.

elementsa mixture of patience, calculation, negotiation, alliance and luck!

Hon favorite aspect of MONOPOLY game play is that the way in which you approach alliance and strategy is completely different amongst each individual player.

Philippe has been playing MONOPOLY for 37 years of his life.

Despite playing for many years, he has only owned one board, the classic boardhis favorite version of MONOPOLY.

His favorite part of MONOPOLY is that it keeps players coming back.

Anyone can win with a basic understanding of the game Tran, the reigning Belgian National Champion, has been playing MONOPOLY for 28 years.

He owns different boards: the Nintendo, Star Wars, Transformers, the 80th anniversary, classic British editions, and a special edition Franklin Mint MONOPOLY version.

His strategy involves wearing black clothing (to intimidate opponents), wearing your best poker face and, most importantly, make a blood sacrifice to Lady Luck before the competition.

Tsutomu has been playing MONOPOLY for about 20 years.