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Reverse lookup zone not updating

Any domains listed here are treated as local by your local DNS forwarders and should be added to the **Internal Domains** section of the Umbrella dashboard.

[block:image] [/block] When the VAs receive queries which match domains or subdomains of a local DNS zone (local domain), the VA forwards those queries to your local DNS server for resolution instead of Umbrella's public DNS resolvers.

Any domain name which has a **forward lookup zone** on your local DNS servers must be added.

If you already know which domains to add, [click here to skip this section.](#section--optional-add-a-ptr-records-for-the-vas) On Windows Server, this information is located in the DNS Manager tool. Open the DNS Manager (Start and type "dnsmgmt.msc"). Expand the **Server name** and **Forward Lookup Zones** sections.

While this is not a recommended practice for reasons that we shall see later, it may be simply a pragmatic solution.

Finally, each PC has what is sometimes, but erroneously, called a resolver, which typically caches results.

While the vast majority of unnecessary traffic relates to buggy software and badly configured firewalls, a significant proportion was caused by poorly configured DNS software.

So with all this information at our fingertips, let's look at five DNS issues that you should check to minimize unnecessary traffic on the DNS infrastructure, and help keep your organization running smoothly.

In tech speak, DNS resolves a name (domain name) into an IP address using a series of queries to authoritative DNS servers until the final answer, an IP address, is obtained.