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The first is a short 35-to-50 word profile, which is visible to all members of the opposite sex.

Scheide, a freshman at the University of Wisconsin, which is not an eligible school.“Snobs want to date snobs.”From advertisements from alumni publications to the New Yorker, Touchings said The Right Stuff uses a number of methods to market itself to graduates and faculty of the schools on its list, and future recruitment efforts will focus more on current students.“A 53-year-old woman is to The Right Stuff what a ‘hard-to-place child’ is to an orphanage,” one member wrote.

“But I am now part of a network, encountering new personalities every month, if only by mail.”While some are attracted by the promise of an guaranteed Ivy date, others view education filters as unfair.“I do think that it’s pretentious, but that might be a good thing,” says Rachel A.

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