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Rjs not updating

The recommended treatment is physio to learn how to walk again and use his left side of his body.

We have received the OK to bring RJ home for Christmas, so we are pretty excited to enjoy those days with him together in our home.

We are just taking things a day at a time as RJ works at getting stronger, the future is still virtually unknown at this point.

On October 31, 2017, RJ Warren suffered a massive stroke in the middle of the night.

So back on the medication he went, but this time they have tried a different medication with less side effects and it seems to be working and he feels more himself - YAY!

Use $apply if you want all $$watchers to trigger on the $scope tree.

Also, as noted above, $interval and $timeout trigger $apply, and there are definitely times where you'll want to use a timeout or interval function that isn't changing $scope data.

We have been managing so far, but the road ahead is long and unknown.