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Rumor validating

The facial recognition system was also discovered to potentially be able to scan a user's face even when the i Phone is lying flat on a table.

More highlights of Nancy's "pass it and then find out what’s in the bill"!

A Foxconn employee has allegedly taken new images of the i Phone 8's internals and posted them to the Chinese social networking site Weibo over the weekend, providing a look at the inside of Apple's OLED i Phone that's expected to be announced next month.

The images lack a layered glimpse into the i Phone's internal components, so they were probably not taken via x-ray and were more likely captured through some other form of black and white image processing.

The EVT stage that the i Phone 8 images represent is a very early stage of manufacturing for Apple to be in at this point, with design validation tests (DVT) and production validation tests (PVT) to go ahead of a consumer release.