Start Sex chat script for a male

Sex chat script for a male

Samantha (49) sits near the pool wearing a white bikini and huge white sunglasses making deals on the phone as SMITH lays nearby in a bathing suit -- reading a script.

MIRANDA I just want to make sure you're being smart here -- CARRIE And I love you for it -- but for now can't you stop worrying for me and just go ahead and feel what I want you to feel.

CARRIE Oh, Miranda, please, I haven't figured out all the details yet, but I'm a smart girl and I'm sure I'll figure out something I'm comfortable with.

She swirls around to Big -- very grand dame; with accent.

AGENT And across the rooftop terrace --- CARRIE What -- Nirvana?

BIG -- waiting for her in front of an apartment building.

UPPER FIFTH AVE -- SAME -- SUMMER 11 Carrie walks over and into the arms of that SOMEONE -- it's MR.

O.) (CONT'D) Finding the perfect apartment in New York City is like finding the perfect partner.

They laugh a little as the doors close on the elevator. FIFTH AVE BUILDING - BAD APARTMENT/HALL -- MOMENTS LATER 13 A door is opened up by CAROL (55) their real estate agent.

She watches them as they pass, a SMILE grows on her face.

She passes a twenty-something girl and guy huddled very close together.

BIG Aren't I a little old to be introduced as your boyfriend?