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The Lower 48 states, when averaged out, reached a low of 13.8 degrees overnight Monday, according to calculations by Ryan Maue of Weather Bell Analytics. Across the South, the Tennessee Valley Authority said power demand in the morning reached the second-highest winter peak in the history of the Depression-era utility.

Extreme cold and strong winds are hitting parts of North America At least five people died after collapsing while shoveling snow.

'That was the main reason for me to come down from up North, from the cold, to get away from all that stuff.''It's brutal out here,' said Spunkiy Jon, who took a break from her sanitation job in New York to smoke a cigarette in the cab of a garbage truck.

'Your fingers freeze off after three minutes, your cheeks feel as if you're going to get windburn, and you work as quick as you can.'Farther south, Birmingham, Alabama, dipped to a low of 7, four degrees colder than the old mark, set in 1970.

In Akron, Ohio, a postal worker discovered the body of a man in a driveway, while in Maryland a homeless man was found frozen to death behind a business in Morningside. Even Hawaii experienced the chill as temperatures plummeted to 18F (-8C) atop Mauna Kea, a dormant volcano.