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If you are worrying that you aren't doing enough, my favourite recommendation is this: go out to a museum or other interesting place.

Instead, make good use of your library, see if you can borrow things from other families, and look for free trial periods to check things out. It's actually been a really nice holiday the other children have done loads of reading (they were upset when I tried to just do it with my son!

It provides time for the child's confidence to return, because you can let him do whatever he likes and is good at: swimming, building with Lego, playing with siblings, drawing.

It also gives you time to explore the different options for his learning for later on - there are many different approaches - and to network with other families and see how each of them home educate and how it works for them. Some families like mine never require their kids to do any formal "work" at all, but instead let them learn by following their interests ("autonomous education" or "unschooling"). If and when you do feel the time has come to start with more formal learning (September, maybe?

Plans to improve the existing Neonatal Unit have been in place for some time as an essential requirement to keep our premature babies safe while the long-term future of Liverpool Women’s services is determined.