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Shirley yeung dating

In a recent Ming Pao Magazine interview, Shirley Yeung (楊思琦) revealed that one of the reasons she broke-up with Gregory Lee (李泳豪) was incompatibility with his family while living together.

Reporter: Shirley claimed that your family treated her terribly. Augustine: Initially, I did not want to talk about an incident which occurred before.

She shouted, ‘Without even bread and vegetables, how can you afford me?

’ The next day, she complained to the maid that my mother had vicious intentions since we ate steak while she had a pimple outbreak.

One night around 2 AM, Shirley was eating dragon fruit in the kitchen. Aside from not stepping aside to let my mother pass, Shirley acted as if my mother was obstructing her path and angrily told my mother to eat feces!