Start Stuck on validating identity

Stuck on validating identity

The questions will once again be based on credit bureau information.

NET Identity (pre 2.0), the site comes with a Web API.

Now, I'd like to employ the same hashing technique ASP.

To do this, they have to look at a range of evidence and different methods to reach the required level of confidence, so that someone can't easily pretend to be you using just one or two pieces of evidence.

The identity provider can then carry out further verification to see if the person is who they say they are.

NET Identity is already using on the phone, so I can just send the hash, and compare it on the other side, but I am not sure what hash it uses, plus, it seems to be using some sort of salt, because I have a couple of test user accounts with the same password, but have different hashes, maybe it's the Security Stamp?

I would prefer not to send the plain text password over the wire, I'm pretty sure that's a huge no no. Thank you I won't steal the thunder of the excellent existing answer which explains how ASP.

Identity providers aren’t allowed to re-use the data for any other purpose without the user’s informed consent and they must store the data securely and safely, within the requirements of data protection laws.