Start Sync disabled while the blackberry is updating settings

Sync disabled while the blackberry is updating settings

You must, as a minimum, enable international roaming which will allow you to make calls.

One user asked if i Cloud would work with Office 365.

Yes, Office 365 will work with i Cloud (in the same way i Cloud works with other accounts).

Bear in mind that not all Black Berry models will work in all countries.

For the widest possible coverage you need a quad-band model which will support the different radio frequencies in use in North America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

When PIM synchronisation is enabled, these items are automatically synchronised wirelessly. Enterprise Activation is only possible if your mobile telephony contract is BES-enabled.

PIM synchronisation can be turned on or off for each type of PIM data independently. Most personal contracts are BIS-enabled (only supporting your operators messaging service).

i Cloud & Outlook Calendar issues are at i Cloud and Outlook Calendar Sync Issues and Contact issues are at i Cloud and Outlook Contact Sync Issues.

i Cloud 2 users should check Outlook and i Cloud 2: What you need to know and Outlook and i Cloud: default data files Users with POP3 accounts seem to have the most problems (but could benefit the most from i Cloud), since the data is local to one computer.

Close Outlook, open the Control panel, locate i Cloud and sign in, then enable calendar and/or contact sync.

If you are using an Apple email address (,, select Mail also.

Your Black Berry will show the connection type on its screen.