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The Emerald Isle is comprised of the independent Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Irish courses, like those in Scotland, are highly sought after for their lush greens in glorious settings.

Serious golfers can get a tee time at the Royal Portrush, which hosted the British Open in 1951 and is set to host it again in 2019.

Before entering, catch the eight-minute video about the history of the castle (across from the ticket desk).

The ruins themselves are dotted with plaques that show interesting artists' renditions of how the place would have looked 400 years ago.

Those on a budget can play the adjacent, slightly shorter Valley Course.

This is a salty, modern place with an inviting menu, ranging from steaks to vegetarian food. Distillery tours waft you through the process, making it clear that Irish whiskey is triple distilled — and therefore smoother than Scotch whisky (distilled merely twice and minus the "e").

If you can't manage a tour, at least step inside to admire the marble swirl staircase and the view up into the dome. The five-floor museum is free and pretty painless, and offers an earnest and occasionally thought-provoking look at the region's history, with a cross-section of local artifacts.

The top two floors are dedicated to rotating art exhibits, the next floor down covers local nature, and the two below that focuses on history. Any cab goes up Falls Road, past Sinn Fein headquarters and lots of murals, to the Milltown Cemetery (£6, sit in front and talk to the cabbie). Easy-to-flag-down cabs run every minute or so in each direction on Falls Road.

It covers the history of the city, culture, industry, the WWII bombings, and the Troubles.

Facing the building, if you go around to the left, you’ll find the Titanic Memorial Garden.

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