Start Updating ipod classic

Updating ipod classic

I'm so used to it, but when I think about it for a second, I realize how that is (and yes, I know I can turn my phone sounds off, but sometimes I have to be alerted to things quickly).

I use a Classic i Pod (not to be confused with i Touch i Pod) and have it docked using the Sonos dock.

This i Pod does not stream or have any internet connectivity but that's irrelevant (I'm just trying to make sure you understand the device I'm speaking of).

The smartphone is a miracle, to be sure, but it might not be making things simpler.

Now, anytime I dare hook my i Phone up to a computer, there's software that needs updating, apps and photos I need to clear away for extra room, and esoteric rules regarding what is allowed to "sync." After finally getting an album onto my phone, another software update a week later reverted my music library to its previous state, putting me back at square one and making me long for my i Pod, the last device I owned that was found absence was making hearts grow fonder.

You can check out the full list on Tech Hive's website.

If you have some mods of your own, please share them in the comments.

If I am completely wrong and this wasn't working before version 8.0 today (Oct 5, 2017), then I'll stand corrected but I'm quite certain it did before.