Start Updating module dependencies arch

Updating module dependencies arch

For some Linux distributions (Debian/Ubuntu and Red Hat/Cent OS), the latest node version provided by the distribution may lag behind the stable version.

It's the world's largest software registry, with approximately 3 billion downloads per week.

A complete example that will allow us to use file, it'll be kept in the commit history - to clean your secret up entirely make sure to squash them. If you're experiencing issues while using a version of node which is unsupported (e.g 0.4, 0.6) or unstable (odd numbered versions e.g.

0.7.x, 0.9.x, 0.11.x), it's very possible your issue will be fixed by simply using the LTS version of node.

The last bit is pretty self-explanatory; we create the new shared folder and then make sure it's mounted each time the machine is accessed or touched since Vagrant likes to reload its mounts/shared folders on each load.