Start Updating video driver dell deminsion 2400

Updating video driver dell deminsion 2400

If the modem is a card, you can also look it over and find the maker's name somewhere on it and then visit the Dell support website if it supplied it.

Then the download Manger; I selected about 3 drivers I think I needed and clicked add to download, and it says they are downloaded; but when I check the Downloads Folder; all I see is Dell Driver Download Manager Icons; and when I click on them and it tell me to go to Drivers and Downloads; I keep repeating the cycle; so I've used the repair on NET Framework and unistalled the Download Manager, and I'll try that again.

I can't get online, nor can I download the Drivers off The Dell Site.

When I try to download the drivers off the dell site it tell me to download the .

Perhaps I have to use the Files in the Downloads and Transfer to a Flash and use it on the DELL?