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Conjuring the image of a lonely all night truck stop along highway 1 on the California coast, all but lost in the fog that comes creeping along the shoreline inbound through craggy rocks and split level homes, garden gnomes and gnarled trees, this album speaks of the night, the outsider, the plaintive wail of those lost at sea.

The singer performed “Dunyo boʻlsin omon” (World peace) in Kazan, finishing in 7th place in the final with 183 points.

The result remains the best result for Uzbekistan in the contest.

Sitting there watching the minutes tick away you’re never going back – there’s no promise left in so-called civilization. Heading south the glow of crystal dens and oyster walls repels you east.

You pull into this rough and battered trucker saloon and ask for a short one, coffee on the side.

The prairie dust makes snow upon the soft pigment of the soil – your weary form descends and forms a grateful slumber. Behind the wheel the ombre sky turns blackened memory abiding – no movement save the roadside deer as peering possums sway. Climbing stairs and crawling past the carved stone figures sweet solace meets surrender.

No sleep can meet demands of endless day and torpid night.

The contest follows a similar format to the Eurovision Song Contest, with songs limited to being 4 minutes long.