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Who does shantel vansanten dating

Fortunately, they were able to put aside their differences and continue filming together, paving the way for Sophia’s relationship with James Lafferty.

She has performed in a music video Fragile Bird with the Artist City and Colour with the role of distressed woman in 2011.

Despite her popularity, she has been managing to keep her personal life very private which is very remarkable because it is difficult to keep her personal life private as for a popular star she is right now.

If you know how to pronounce Shantel, just click the button to record.

So here are a few stars that dabbled in some off-screen loving…

The series features Ryan Phillippe, Omar Epps, Eddie Mc Clintock, Harry Hamlin and Shantel herself.

Shantel Van Santen is a famous American actress who has stricken in the movie, TV series and music videos with her charismatic personality and terrific acting.

If you blinked then you may have just missed Kenzie Dalton’s small role on when she appeared as a Ravens cheerleader in a handful of episodes in season three.