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Who is burton cummings dating

Sam Mc Call is a fictional character on the ABC soap opera, General Hospital. and Robert Guza, Jr., the character made her debut on the episode airing on October 1, 2003, portrayed by Kelly Monaco.

However, when Sam is shot by Manny and near death, Jason tells Alexis the truth.

Alexis pressures Jason into ending the relationship, but Sam tries to win him back.

Sam is arrested for arson, but gets out on bail and goes on the run with Danny to avoid being convicted for Evelyn's murder.

A young Sam does her best to care for Danny but eventually resorts to extreme measures to pay his bills.

Sam helps deliver a baby girl during a storm to a teenage mother named Bridget Daly.

Bridget gives her baby to Sam, as she's unable to provide for it. Bridget decides to keep the baby, leaving Sam devastated.

Using skills she learned from Cody, Sam marries several wealthy men, and steals their money so she can care for her brother.

During her last attempt at a con as "Angela Monroe", Sam finds herself in an abusive situation when her wealthy mark, Bill Monroe, discovers Sam's intentions, and attacks her. Sam first appears in Port Charles working with Jasper Jacks (Ingo Rademacher) to find the five lucky cards of the "Dead Man's Hand." They have a brief affair, but when Jax's father dies he blames Sam, due to her scheming.

When Sam is 17, she tracks down Evelyn in Bailey's Beach, South Carolina and is shocked to find Danny locked in the basement.

When Sam helps Danny escape, he accidentally knocks a candle over that burns down the house, not knowing Evelyn was inside.

After Danny's death, Sam discovers that she was adopted, and her biological mother is Alexis.