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Who is cuauhtemoc blanco dating

It would seem that wherever he goes he causes problems or something doesn’t go right.

Although there is a plethora of youth talent out there some countries are resorting to the more veteran players to help them qualify for the World Cup.

David Beckham, who we all thought would be done with any European or International football, is hoping to make another World Cup appearance and by the way he has played it is very likely that he will play in another. Blanco has been on his best behavior with the Fire.

Blanco also has had a tendency throughout his career of having personal problems.

He was dating one of the most beautiful women in Mexico but due to problems she left the controversial striker.

Blanco put the Mexican team on his shoulders as they went on to win the Confederations Cup. They have only lost once this whole season and they had a great season last year.

He had a key part in every goal in the final against Brazil and even scored himself. David Beckham who entered the league at the same time has yielded almost nothing to his team.

Chicago based sports marketing and PR agency Spanglish Ideas is proud to announce the teaming of client, Sección Amarilla USA, and Mexican Soccer Star Cuauhtémoc Blanco of the Chicago Fire, as the image of their 2009 campaign.