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Who is kyle gass dating

Reflecting on the movie, Gass said: “It was a flop. But it shows how we got started, it sort of tells the tale.”Tenacious D fans will remember the end of the movie where Jack Black and Gass have a rock off with Dave Grohl’s Satan, before forgetting the awesome spontaneous song they wrote. ”However the musician feels it shouldn’t be: “It’s not that good is it?

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” You know the thing about an infinite amount of monkeys? But I feel like we’ve written some masterpieces, but we still haven’t found what we’re looking for -- which is that one that’s better than all others, the ring to rule them all. But, you know, when weighed against the masterpieces of all time … I’ve really evolved.” Gass: “I’m dating a 39-year-old woman.” Black: And this is Kyle, and Kyle’s 50 years old, so it’s really nothing to write home about. And it made me mad, and it made me say, “Just start playing music right now because I’ve got a song.” And that’s what became “39.” The thing is for us, I don’t think it’s as much about looking for humor as it is looking for things that we care about. The humor just sort of takes care of itself when you run it through the D filter; it ends up being funny. THR: You express in your lyrics, and quite bluntly in “Rock is Dead,” this feeling that rock music is dead. Led Zeppelin has [“Rock and Roll”]; that is a masterpiece. But I think The D, we fit now because there was a need for someone to carry the torch that those before us have carried, like Spinal Tap before us.

Well Kyle and I are an infinite amount of monkeys, and you’ve just got to have to have the patience to wait and slog and be prepared for that golden nugget when it drops on your lap. VIDEO: Tenacious D's New Video Stars Danny Mc Bride as ' The Roadie' THR: You’re talking about infinite monkeys, shit everywhere -- where do the songs actually start? But we sing about things that we feel strongly about. That's the starting point for our masterpieces: passion. Gass: We were a little bit reticent about putting out a clean version, but then we thought it would be great if the kids could hear it. If there’s some religious people out there who wish they could have a taste of The D but know it’s against their religion -- and believe me, this album is against all religion -- we wanted to give those folks a chance as well. AC/DC did “Rocker.” ZZ Top did “Jesus Just Left Chicago,” which is incredible. And before Spinal Tap, you had Cheech and Chong, and before Cheech and Chong, you had the Smothers Brothers.

STORY: Tenacious D Announces New Album THR: Either way, you’ll make some people happy. Is that a compromise, or is it just part of the game? And I understand, I’ve got kids; I don’t want my kids to hear the dirty bits… Gass: Well, rock used to be the only game in town in terms of radio and what the kids listen to. There’s plenty of room for hip-hop and rock at the same time, it's just that there’s a lack of inspiration. Who’s changing the face of music and spreading beyond music and into other art forms? When you look back at the heyday of rock, it was a movement that was connected to civil rights and everything. Since our last album, the emergence of the Lonely Island boys was intense, and Flight of the Conchords had swept the nation, so there was a lot more competition than the last time.

Oh wait, Kyle’s leaving the room because I cut a stinky one. Now I think there was a big hip-hop takeover, and pop music, it became mechanical and computer-y … We knew we had to dig deep and had to take it to another level to compete with the heavy hitters that have been spawned.

Gass: Yes, there was a question on this album whether to include them, but there was an overwhelming kind of demand amongst some of our peers. The sweat pants and T-shirts you go out in, are those your normal clothes or The D’s uniforms? I was thinking about bring a big stack of white T-shirts on the tour bus and then just designing my own T-shirts for each show, just based on my emotional state of the time. THR: How about recording a clean version of the album? And I think you will agree that it will go down in history as perhaps the greatest blues song since Robert Johnson plucked his fucking six-string down at devil’s lane, the crossroads. Six years after the last release, with various acting work and musical projects, was it hard to dig in and get back into it?

Black: That’s basically what we wear during the day, but I have been feeling like maybe we need to step our game up a bit. So today I feel like a soaring, flaming eagle; tomorrow I may feel like a turd sandwich, and then that will be the shirt. Black: Yeah, or I could just striptease it off in the middle of a show. With a song like “Senorita,” you would have to take out the entire chorus. THR: What are some of the signs that you see that rock is dead? Black: It was hard because the landscape had changed.

Kyle is the son of Carol June (Stuckey) and John Edward “Ed” Gass.