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Who is tracy nelson dating

And - how can I put this - my system has become, shall we say, somewhat sluggish. At first this made me feel quite uncomfortable but now I'm fanatical about my daily weigh-in and refuse to eat or drink anything until I know my weight first.

'Even the vitamins that are available cannot be absorbed since there is no fat present in the diet to act as an absorption vehicle, so they will just be excreted from the body.' As part of the Metamorphosis plan you gain access to an internet chat room devoted to Tracy and her Method.

At first I had loads of energy but now I'm always tired and am told I'm horribly grouchy to boot.

My skin is terrible and my nails are flaking and weak. I am encouraged to weigh myself daily and measure my results with the 'Tracy tape measure' every ten days.

Rebecca Wilcox (left) after following the 30-Day Method.