Start Xcode app icon not updating

Xcode app icon not updating

Trashing an app does never make you lose your settings or even project.

NOTE: This process requires Cordova CLI version 3.6 or higher.

If you only need to update one of the resources, or you only want to generate icons and not both, the In order to be able to crop and resize images to fit the various needs of each platform, icons and splash screen images should meet a minimum size requirement The icon image’s minimum dimensions should be 192×192 px and should have no rounded corners.

Also, the upcoming i Phone X creates some unique challenges when creating a user interface, so we’ve added some useful new APIs to help you adjust your UI.

Starting with i OS 11, Apple now requires that you include an method — simply consult our Managing Xcode Assets guide for instructions.

Splash screen dimensions vary for each platform, device, and orientation, so a square source image is required to generate each of the various screen sizes.

The source image’s minimum dimensions should be 2208×2208 px, and the artwork should be centered within the square, because each generated image will be center cropped into landscape and portrait images.

Want different icons for the i OS and Android versions of your app? To use different source images for individual platforms, place the source image in the respective platform’s directory.